Rainbow USA Group has
finally after so many requests have now found a company to help our International Clients for Rental Protection.

USA Investment Properties
Detroit Investment properties for Australians

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USA Investment Properties

Australia 1800 88 1475
USA 1 313 908 6311


Rainbow USA Group

Rainbow  USA Group Aust and Rainbow USA Group LLC is Australian Owned and Operated. We invest ourselves in USA property market and have since 1995. We offer knowledge of the USA Real Estate Market and we are" hands on".
Our Office Base is in Detroit Michigan where we operate from our Office
18520 Conant St Detroit 48234.

While in Australia our office is in Brisbane Queensland. Investors, Investment Companies, Accountancy Firms wanting to gain knowledge first hand are welcome at anytime. Drop in and discuss the USA property market and what Services we have to offer to you and your clients .

USA Property Consultant
Wendel Wood
Since 1995

USA Real Estate Portfolio's

With Rainbow USA Group

This is why we succeed !!

  We are actually working in the USA and in the Property Market on a daily basis. That's the difference! I personally spend 8-9 months of the year in America. Working with my Contractor's, Agents/Brokers, Accountants, Attorneys, Title Companies, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers , Dealing with the City Engineering Departments & County Offices, City Inspectors and Utilities Companies these are what is needed to be successfull.

We have our own USA Licensed Buyers and Sellers Broker/Agent Lawrence Else that works with Rainbow USA Group and works with our client base. You will deal directly with Lawrence. You will pay the standard USA commissions as you would if purchasing property in Australia.

"Our Guidance will save you thousands of Dollars"

Buying Bank Owned Properties

You buy Bank Owned properties directly from the Banks with our Knowledge and Guidance. We video the Properties through out this whole process , We set up a site on Youtube so you can view your  property. From seeing the property for the first time , walking and talking you through the property , showing necessary work required .
Video though out the renovations or repairs, to tenant moving into your property. Today Youtube brings the property into your house from anywhere in the world. I now can bring live by Skype into your home from anywhere in the world with my laptop.

USA  Accountant Provided

We have our USA Accountant to serve my Clients. Company Setups, Filing IRS Forms, End of year Company Filing what is needed for your USA Investment Properties.
I personally do not offer Financial Advice, I do not deal with Super Funds or Retirement Funds. But I am happy to discuss with your Accountant or Solicitor various concerns of Purchasing, Rental Management , Renovations of properties. But your financial details are best left between Accountants Halpin & Associate's and your  Accountant.

"Aussie Dollar"

USA  Real Estate has never been cheaper since the Global Financial Recession. With the Australian dollar at a all time high and being as high at times of $1.10 but Today it has slip down to $0.89 its still a great time to consider buying USA Investment Property.
So it stands to reason in the next couple of years that when the dollar drops Investors will be a lot better off with there Investments.

I am Wendel Wood
I have a Wealth of Knowledge and Experience and Commitment.
Start Building your Real Estate Portfolio today with Rainbow USA Group.

Specializing in;
* Buying Bank Owned
* R E O Foreclosure
* Bailiff & Sheriff Court Sales
* Private Sale Properties
* Tax Auctions
* Wholesale Bank Properties

* Strip Malls - Retail
* Apartment Condo's              
* Commercial Buildings

Services Include;

* Property Management
* Corporate & Private    Investors 
* Renovations & Property Maintenance                 

Need Help

  Non-Performing Properties?.
  Just need to talk to an
  Australian about your USA
  property ?
  I am just a call away.

Do You Need;

* Video of your property?
* Find out why you are not          receiving your Rent?
   We can help.


USA 1 313 908 6311
Australia; 1800 88 1475

Skype Me;
Video Conference
rainbowusagroup or Wendell Wood

Rainbow USA Group Tax Deeds
Rainbow USA Group
18520 Conant St Detroit, MI 48234
Phone: 313-908-6311 Website: www.rainbowusagroup.net

This property we paid $14,500
It is a 2 family rental property and will return $1500 rent. This is where we suceed by dealing Direct with asset Bank Managers.Learn More

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"Most Investors have been caught out by these Companies, Paying $50k and thinking there "Rent Ready" or "Turn Key" properties but there not, Most Bank Owned properties have been sitting for a few years and have started to deteriorate especially in the colder climates, When there is no heat in these properties , been broken into, walls damaged due to vandalism, owners removing furnaces , hot water tanks and kitchens being upset with the Banks treatment etc.
So when you think about it why pay $50k when you can buy them for $5-10 k and than apply the money you have saved to the Renovation and still come out better off. I can show you how to buy 2 -3 house for the price of one that you are being sold through the Australian or Uk Companies."
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